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komunitné centrum / Praha

komunitné centrum / Praha Súťažný návrh na komunitné centrum do Hloubětína, Praha 14. Position of a...


komunitné centrum / Praha

Súťažný návrh na komunitné centrum do Hloubětína, Praha 14.

Position of a community centre amongst a society is important. It’s importance is much higher, than the importance of any surrounding building, with the exception of the church.

The garden and the frontspaces afford a great potential embodied in the possibility of expansion of the inner life of building into surrounding exterior. Therefore we lay on the ground level two packs of programme, which are most vivid and can gain the most from the possibility to expand outside.

First of them is the multipurpose hall, which interior floorspace is doubled on the outside, by creating a terrace, ejected into the garden. After the opening of all rotable glass-wall segments, the interior and exterior merges into big compact unit. Public events, which take place here mostly in the afternoon and in the eveneing are illuminated by western light and sunset. They get the scenery of silent garden and orchard, which provides additional possibility to expand events here.

The second programmatic pack in the parteree is café, connected with the part of library with magazines, daily press and books for children. This space opens itself into the gap, against the white wall of adjacent building. Two of the café terrace sides are open into the city and the garden.

Ground floor consists of 3 levels: café, background and hall. Their altitude is slightly raising against each other, copying the elevation of surrounding terrain, so all the entrances can approach interior directly. These three levels are connected by staircases with gentle elevation.

The part of library, which is devoted for the study and thus requires silence is located at first floor, club-rooms are in the attic.

2014 – Peter Lényi, Ondrej Marko, Marek Harčarík, Andrea Leitmannová, Hana Križanová – Praha